Family Support – GTN

Family Support – GTN supports families to overcome challenges and obstacles. It offers resources and services to help resolve problems facing families, women and children. Families experiencing disadvantage are strengthened to come out of difficulties and meet the needs of their children. They gain the abilities to change unfavorable situations for a positive turnaround thereby promoting their well-being and that of their children.


We offer mediation in family disputes. Through family dispute resolution, a prudent alternative to the adversarial system for resolving family disputes, parents can work together to resolve parenting disputes after separation or divorce without going to court assisted by a neutral third party, a mediator.

The mediator facilitates communication and the parents negotiate a settlement out-of-court. They reach mutually acceptable decisions that meet their needs and address their concerns doing what is best for themselves and most importantly, their children.

Parents have rights and responsibilities no matter what happens in their marriage or between them. Their parental duties include caring for their children and ensuring their well-being. The mediator can assist them to continue to make joint decisions about their children after a separation or divorce thereby creating a healthy future for their children and themselves.


Helping young people access entrepreneurial skills acquisition resources and mentoring them to build self-esteem and handle conflicts better to take charge of their lives. Engaging with the youth to help them develop the ability to deal positively with anxiety and overcome difficult times. Equipping them with the skills that foster positive behaviour and healthy habits to live productive lives.


Preventing violence through family interventions to reduce risk factors for family violence and encourage protective factors. Improving marital communication, parenting, access to income opportunities to prevent financial difficulty, marital conflicts and family stress.

Encouraging mediation of family conflicts, child custody disputes and uncooperative co-parenting. Supporting parents to continue taking care of their children and ensure their well-being during difficult situations and times.

Youth Violence

Anti-social behaviours and youth crime prevention through support for families, encouraging caring parents and family, connecting with troubled teens and neglected children. Teaching young people conflict resolution skills.


Links and referrals to help people find appropriate services for support. These connect people to government and community services for networks of support including crisis support for victims of violence.