Family Support Services – GTN

Family Support – GTN provides a broad array of resources and services such as legal advice and information, mediation and community-based services to help people resolve family issues including separation, divorce, domestic violence, custody and child support, strengthening families to enhance child well-being.


Conflict Resolution in Marriage

Couples can resolve conflicts and save their marriage. Many problems escalate due to assumptions, people react before they have the full picture, bad communication or someone not listening.

Many couples engage in constant arguments and destructive behaviour because they expect perfection but who is perfect not even ourselves. You can settle or reach a fair resolution of your disagreements demonstrating mutual respect, letting go of the need to be right. Learning to train your anger. You can be angry and still be in control of your emotions.

Most couples divorce without knowing that their problems can be resolved and the conflict if properly handled can strengthen their relationships. When they stop assuming, understand and help each other, communicate better, listen deeply in an atmosphere of love, attention and appreciation.


Child Custody Mediation

Families experiencing divorce or separation can resolve disputes about children without going to court assisted by a neutral third person, the mediator.

The mediator can help parents involved in custody, visitation and child support disputes reach agreement to parent jointly and promote the well-being of their children who are experiencing significant change brought on by the separation of their parents.

Parents are assisted by the mediator to negotiate a mutually acceptable parenting plan that enables them share parenting duties. Both parents will be involved in the lives of their children doing what is best for themselves and their children.


Youth Coaching

Empowering young people develop social skills for transforming experiences, behaviour management and positive development. Helping them discuss and find solutions to problems they may be going through personal, social and family.

It encourages listening to troubled youths to help them heal from past traumas, divorce of parents, abuse, neglect or loss of a loved one.

Outlets for stress and anxiety that can help them change their behavior, avoid a life of crime, return to school or training and reach their full potential.


Single Mothers Empowerment

Supporting single mother families. Empowering women in circumstances such as death of spouse, divorce or separation who are solely charged with parenting. Helping move these single mothers and their children out of poverty into economic stability.

Business ideas

Graphic designing, blogging, agriculture, fitness center for women, car wash, house services, market runs and home cooking for busy women, sale of furniture, fitness and beauty consultant.

Phone repair, gym or fitness instructor, employment agency, education and tutorial centers, computer training, cleaning services, image consultant, branding consultant and  teaching your skill to others.

Skill Learning


Financial Help

Micro credit

MSME Loan Programme, Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF). Women’s Entrepreneurs Fund

Bank of Industry (BOI)

Banks supporting small businesses

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB) : CBN Covid-19 Intervention Fund for SMEs

Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the State (for guidance).



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