Conflict Management l Family Support – GTN

Conflict resolution in the family. Helping family members use constructive method of resolving conflicts. They access conflict resolution strategies that facilitate the transformation of their relationships for peaceful conflict management and problem solving.

Providing conflict management system and structure that promote effective conflict resolution and sustaining peace through mediation services, training services, conflict coaching and referrals.


Women’s Legal Services

Free legal services to separated women struggling to raise children alone following marriages that have ended or terminated informally and women who came out of  abusive marriages. Women struggling to raise children alone without support from the other parent.

Many estranged wives want to initiate legal action against their husbands to get them to fulfill their responsibilities to the children but cannot afford to go to court. Going to court is expensive. We provide help through free confidential legal information, assistance and referrals.


Conflict Resolution Education

Conflict resolution in schools. Teaching conflict resolution skills to youth in schools. Teaching young people to resolve differences peacefully, reduce antisocial behaviour and violence.


Community-Based Services

Skill Acquisition

Youth Empowerment?

Different States Youth Development Programmes

Domestic Violence

Child Protection

Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect

Free Mediation Referral


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