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Legal support for separated women who want to take legal actions against their husbands but cannot afford to. Many estranged wives want to go to court and settle issues regarding the children. This can be done using the family mediation process.

Mediation is a good alternative method of resolving family disputes instead of using the family law courts facilitated by a neutral person. It is the process by which families can negotiate about future arrangements for children with the help of a neutral third party.


How Mediation can Help

Separated parents can use the process of mediation to resolve disputes regarding children without going to court assisted by a neutral mediator.

After separation discussions about care for the children can cause strong emotions for this reason parents need the help of a neutral person who facilitates communication and assists them to settle their issues.

It is prudent for families during separation to use mediation for resolving disputes about children instead of going to court. Going to court is a long, stressful and expensive process.

The mediator assists parents work together to develop parenting arrangements after separation. It helps parents make decisions that are in the best interest of their children.

Benefits of Mediation

The parties themselves make the decisions rather than having a judge make the decisions for them.

It affords a private way of dealing with sensitive and emotional issues.

The process provides a level playing ground for the parties. Both parents feel heard and treated equally by the mediator.

It helps in managing interactions. The process makes it possible for the mediator to work with the parties separately if they do not want to be in the same room.



A free mediation service for separated parents to resolve disputes regarding their children assisted by a neutral mediator.

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