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Family Support-GTN supports families in divorce, separation and domestic violence situations with a range of resources and community services to deal with their problems early and protect children and young people.

Strengthening families rendered vulnerable as a result these difficult life events to stay focused on caring for their children and enhance their well-being.


Children and Divorce

Parenting arrangements after separation. Parents can go to mediation to work out parenting arrangements that is mutually acceptable to both of you that enable you continue to care and provide for your children after you separate.

It helps you make a parenting plan that clarifies and outlines the agreements you and the other parent have made about the care and upbringing of your children that is in the best interest of your children and that fit the needs of your family situation.

Child custody mediation



Co-parenting Conflict Resolution

Successful co-parenting means you focus on the needs and best interests of your children and protect them from the negative effects of separation which can lead to the introduction of destructive behaviour and increase in health problems.

Co-parenting is not about your feelings and emotions of anger and hurt or those of your ex spouse but rather about your children’s happiness, stability and future well-being.

Co-parenting conflict management strategies



Single Mothers Child Maintenance Help

Single mothers legal services. Free legal assistance for women in separation, divorce and domestic violence situations struggling to raise children alone. Women single again as a result of separation, victims and survivors of family violence.

Mothers with dependent children who came out of abusive marriages and raising children alone without support from the other parent. We help these women pursue child maintenance (or child support) from their husbands to help bring them and their children out of poverty.

Single-Mother Families and Children’s Well-being

Parental support



Marriage Coaching for Women

Conflict resolution in marriage. One-on-one coaching for conflict resolution assisted by the conflict resolution specialist.

A private and confidential process for women in troubled marriages to deal with the problems and save their marriage. Women experiencing problems in their marriage learn to deescalate emotions, analyze the issues and generate solutions to their problems.

They develop the skills for effective communication and conflict management that facilitate the peaceful ending of conflicts.



Family Violence Community Services

Find community supports – How to get help and support through community services – .

Protecting children from abuse

Violence Against Children

Domestic Violence Support



Other Support Services


Fostering Positive Youth Development

Youth Empowerment



Positive Parenting Tips

Positive Parenting skills.


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