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Family Support- GTN helps women affected by divorce access a broad array of resources and services to protect their children from the effects of divorce. Empowering families to overcome challenges, create supportive and responsive environments to promote the safety and well-being of children.


Conflict Resolution in Marriage


Violence Prevention Services

Helping families avoid family violence characterized by violent, controlling, abusive, intimidating or threatening behaviour in families. Causes include poverty, lack of education, witnessing family violence as a child, having low sense of self-worth, alcohol and drug use, having more education or income than their intimate partners and lack of respect.

Families can learn to settle arguments with words not fists or weapons, keep their home life calm, supportive and respectful.


Co-Parenting after Separation and Divorce

Families during divorce or separation are assisted to parent jointly to promote the well-being of children experiencing significant change brought about by the separation of parents. Sharing parenting duties ensures that both parents are involved in the lives of their children.

Through co-parenting mediation a neutral third party mediator assists separated or separating parents work together on parenting plan disagreements and resolve co-parenting conflicts.

Co-parenting coaching helps parents establish a new relationship as co-parents. Parents who are having difficulty with co-parenting obtain one-on-one professional support to resolve conflicts, treat negative feelings, prevent post-divorce problems and learn to get along for the sake of their children. Read More


Coaching for Positive Youth Development

Positive youth development (PYD) services can be promoted by the coaching process offering transformative experiences for at risk youth, young people at greater vulnerability as a result of problem behaviours such as truancy, violence, running away, substance abuse and addiction, defiance and juvenile delinquency.

It encourages listening to these young boys, coaching them to gain social skills. It helps them heal from past traumas such as divorce of parents, abuse and neglect, loss of a loved one, emotional problems, mental health disorders, build important life skills and self-esteem.

The coaching process entails a one-to-one support to help boys aged 12-15 address problems, discuss and find solutions to challenges they may be facing such as complex personal, social and family issues. Outlets for stress and anxiety that can help them change their behavior, avoid a life of crime, return to school or training, achieve their full potential and positively impact their environment.


Women’s Empowerment

Empowering disadvantaged single parents through skills acquisition for poverty alleviation to protect their young children, prevent homelessness and improve child-care. Single mothers need help with financial problems to avoid strain on mother and hardships on children who live below poverty level.

Increased  access to economic resources empowers women to make decisions that benefit themselves and their families and make children happy regardless of the structure of the family they live in.

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