Family Support – GTN

Family Support – GTN is a conflict resolution and support service offering resources and support services for effective management and resolution of conflicts, difficult situations and relationships. Individuals and families get equipped with the skills to overcome difficult obstacles and turn negative experiences and situations into positive ones. We support families to meet their needs and those of their children, helping families thrive.


Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes out of court. It is a structured process where a mediator, a neutral third person assists disputing parties in resolving conflicts or disputes through the use of specialized negotiation techniques.

The mediator encourages those in dispute to talk to each other about the issues and agree on an outcome that meets their needs and addresses their concerns. For separating or separated couples with children, this is a prudent alternative to the adversarial system. They can be assisted by the mediator to resolve custody and parenting issues without going to court thereby doing what is best for themselves and most importantly, their children.

They can be assisted to continue to make joint decisions about their children after separation thereby creating a healthy future for their entire family. Parents have rights and responsibilities no matter what happens in their marriage or between them. This parental responsibility entails caring for their children and ensuring their well-being.


Coaching is a structured process which gives people the opportunity to confidentially talk to a dispute resolution professional on a one-to-one basis. This is a one-to-one voluntary and confidential process to support people effectively engage in a conflict, manage or constructively resolve the conflict.

People in conflict situations are assisted in identifying the solution to a conflict and resolve it positively. They gain better insight and understanding of the problem to address it efficiently and develop the skills to prevent a dispute and resolve conflicts in future.


Conflict resolution skills training and mentoring for young people to effectively manage difficult situations and relationships, reduce risk behaviour and violence. Engaging with young people to help them develop the skills to deal positively with stress, anxiety and overcome difficult times. They learn the tools that foster positive behaviour and healthy practices for productive lives.


Crisis support for victims of family violence and family interventions to help people reduce the risk factors for violence and encourage protective factors. Encouraging mediation of family conflicts, child custody disputes and uncooperative co-parenting and supporting parents to continue taking care of their children and ensure their well-being during these difficult situations.

Improving marital communication, parenting and access to income opportunities to prevent financial difficulty, marital conflicts, family stress and violence.

Preventing youth crime and anti social behaviour through support for families, encouraging caring parents and family, access to income opportunities, engaging, connecting with young persons from seriously troubled homes, at risk or in distress. Equipping young people with basic communication skills and the skills that can help turn around the lives of vulnerable children and adolescents.


Useful links and referrals to information, conflict resolution, economic supports to help people work and reduce problems in families, families rise above challenges and improve their situations.