The Power of Women and the Ability to Move Mountains


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Harnessing the power of being a woman through her unique strengths at home, at work and in her community.


Every Woman a Mother

Every woman is a Mother. All women are called to Mother. Mothers.The high calling. Every woman has a heart of a Mother. All women are mothers.


Empowering Others

Humble powerhouse. A woman powerful. Called to a unique role. Empowering others. Helping others. Powerful role model. Confidence in herself and diligent. Shaping the world for the better.


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Guardians of Peace

The true measure of a woman as a keeper of the peace. A good woman. Endowed with innate abilities to promote peace. Doing what is right. Bringing harmony, calm, peaceful. Fated role in making and building peace.


Raising Good Children

Nurturers. Preserve the human race. Bring up her children with extreme care. Raise good children, both male and female. Raising boys well. Raising girls well. Raising her children to become good people. Being a role model to them, teaching  and modeling good and appropriate behaviour bringing glory to God.


Standing in the Gap

The praying woman. Prayerful. Prays for others. Standing in the gap for her husband, children and the world. A powerful praying woman. Strong woman of God. The power of women to change the world. ‘Global shapers’, Change makers.



The world needs the qualities women have to heal the world, make the world a better place. The world needs women not for what they do, but who they are.