Conflict Management Skills for Women

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Conflict management skills are worth honing to rebuild and strengthen important relationships. Management strategies to manage and resolve conflicts better improving relationships. Unresolved anger and conflicts can damage relationships but when properly handled, brings couples closer and helps them avoid greater issues such as resentment, domestic violence and divorce.

There are powerful skills that foster healthy conflict resolution including effective communication, empathy e active listening. Good communication is key to defuse anger and escalating arguments. Good, positive communication helps you control your temper and emotions, get to the root of the problem instead of struggling with the symptoms.

Poor communication always results in misunderstandings and eventually conflicts such as assumptions. Don’t assume, be careful about your tone of voice and learn to listen carefully. Speak calmly using positive non verbal clues. Understand, respect and honour your partner. Make use of respectful conversation that enablesĀ  everyone gets the same picture to resolve the situation.


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Listen carefully for better understanding. Speak appropriately while maintaining good eye contact. Present your ideas adapting your language to him with consideration and clarity. Talking to him frankly when you need it.

Learning to be more empathetic as a partner. Putting yourself in his place. Putting yourself in his shoes and feeling what he is feeling. This way, you are able to better understand and share his feelings, what he is thinking and feeling. Communicate about his emotions and feelings without blaming, criticism or judging him. Consider and understand his condition and needs from his perspective caring about his well-being the way you care about your own.

Be comfortable and confident in your role and unique relationship. Look forward, not backward. Appreciate him for the little things he does and say thank you. Think happy thoughts. Act positive. Practice honesty. Watch your words. Practice humility. Be attractive to him, touch, hug and be tender with him outside of bedroom. Give him a hug and kiss when he comes home. Foster positive relationships in life, respecting yourself and others.