Marital Conflict Resolution Tips for Men

Conflict Resolution in Marriage ( with printable worksheet) | CMP

Being empathetic- in managing emotions and conflicts. Learning to pay attention to the feelings of your wife.

Discussion of issues – in a courteous way with understanding, respecting each other. Listeny and expressing admiration for each other leading to feelings of closeness, intimacy and happiness.

Creating a relationship where you are free to express your feelings and emotions without blame, criticism or judgment from the other person. On your own part, you have learnt to name your feelings, saying exactly how you feel.

Identifying what triggers these feelings, finding the right word to describe it and communicate this calmly and clearly to your wife. The result is that you are able to make your wife listen and you both discuss and find solutions to resolve the conflict.

Building a marriage where there is emotional support, encouragement especially in times of stress or sadness. You have achieved this because of the ability to listen to your wife.

Listening in an empathetic way. Listening when she wants to communicate and placing value on what she says. Understanding and allowing her perspective, feelings and needs in your decision making process as a couple.

Managing conflict in a healthy and respectful way. Letting go of the need to be right or win an argument rather ask for her needs and search for a solution together. Don’t belittle her, raise your voice or curse. Listen more.

Creatively finding new ways to love your wife. Show your love to her. Surprise her with nice words. Be her friend. Be confident in your role as the husband.

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