Covid-19 : Praise Blog

Considering all that we have had to face lately as a people, the pandemic and all the other problems, there is the need to connect to the essence of our being, our Source. A time of corporate repentance, prayer, worship and encouragement.

Spiritual Alignment

Do we feel disconnected? Is there a need for spiritual alignment? The need to align with God’s principles in personal lives, homes and at work. Getting back in alignment with His lifestyle?

Personal Relationship with God

Developing a personal relationship with God. The need to trust and obey Him, the secret to a happy and fulfilled life. Putting Him first, fellowshipping with and helping others. Asking for His guidance, praying to Him to direct our paths, devoting ourselves to the plans He has for our lives. Developing and maintaining a strong relationship with Him to experience His love.


Praise Blog

Father, we praise You. The whole world bows down  before You. English


Fuqin, women zanmei Ni. Quan shijie zai Ni mianqian wan yao. Mandarin Chinese


Pita, ham aapakee stuti karate Hain. Pooree duniya aapakee saamane jhuk jaatee Hai. Hindi


Padre, Te alabamos. Todo el mundo se inclina ante Ti. Spanish


Pere, nous Te louons. Le monde entier s’incline devant Toi. French


Baba, amara tomara prasansa Kari. Puro prthibi tomara samane nata Haya. Bengali


Otets, my voskhvalyayem Tebya. Ves’ Mir sklonyayetsya pered toboy. Russian


Pai, Te louvamos. O mundo inteiro se curva diante de Voce. Portuguese


Vater, wir preisen Dich. Die ganze welt verbeugt sich vor Dir. German


Chichiyo, watashitachi wa Anata o tataemasu. Zen sekai ga Anata no mae de ojigiwosuru. Japanese


Baba, tunakusifu. Ulimuengu wote huinama mbele Yako. Swahili


Abati hoyi Alemi. Hulu befitihi Yisegidalihali. Amharic