Conflict Resolution Education: Conflict Resolution Skills Training for Teens

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Conflict resolution education in schools. Teaching conflict resolution skills to adolescents. Conflict resolution skills training for young people to resolve differences peacefully, reduce anti-social behavior and violence.

Young people effectively manage conflicts, develop the skills to respond to conflict in non violent ways. Learning to express their points of view, voice their interests and find mutually acceptable solutions without resorting to violence.

New skills for behaviour change to prepare young adults for a less violent future. Building safer learning environments, motivating socially responsible person and preparing young people for the future.

Helping them improve relationships and relate better. They learn to manage emotions, solve problems, maintain good relationships and decrease the incidence of violence.

Skill set that helps reduce fighting, bullying, harassment and other forms of violence among young people. They learn to manage and resolve conflicts, competing needs and interests without resorting to violence.

Equipping them with the skills to talk through differences, focusing on the problem not on the personalities and come up with a resolution together. Helping them to be responsible, disciplined and empowered to shape their families and the society.

Creating conflict management training  environments that facilitate the development of skills for peaceful resolution of conflicts through peer mediation, role play, games, reading and writing.