7 Ways to Cope with Difficult Times and Come Out Stronger

Life can be difficult sometimes. When everything seems to have gone out of control. When we go through traumatic events and experiences, tough situations, disappointments, rejection, abandonment that are hard to bear or understand. There are those things we can do to help stop the pain and develop emotional strength to come out stronger:

Calm Down

Refuse to be overwhelmed. Rationalize your thoughts. Do not give in to worry or fear. Do not ask why you? Or, asking if God is there!  We all pass through challenging times sometimes. God allows trial and testing. Remember, God has a purpose behind the problem. God works through our trials.

Stay Positive

Stay positive. speak positively. Don’t allow the situation keep you in a state of despair, confusion, anger or anxiety. Do not blame the situation on another person or pick on others. Do not permit it result in quarrels, strained or damaged relationships, abuse or violence. Increase self-control. Resist destructive impulse. Refrain from doing things you will regret. Determine the cause of the problem and tell yourself it will not happen again.

Get Help

Seek for help to get through the situation. Get the right support. There may be the need to make positive life change. In this vulnerable state, shun, resist ungodly counsel. Do not compromise your values, standards and convictions. Stay calm and positive while you search for a solution. Seek professional help if you need to.

Draw Near to God

You can learn to cope better with life issues by drawing closer to God. God uses hard times to shape our lives. God has a purpose behind every situation. Trust in Him even during tough times. He has a reason for every situation we pass through.

Pray to God concerning the situation. Look up to God. You will experience peace while God in His sovereignty perfects His will. Despite it all, be thankful. Give thanks for everything no matter the circumstances.

Move on

Connect with God. Stay connected to Him and move on happily with your life.

More……….As you move on

Commune with God

Be in constant communion with God. Take every problem to God. Take all your problems to God in prayer. You can trust Him to work it all out. This will help you through all of life’s problems. Talk to God now.

Study the Word

Study the word of God. There is a vacuum in the heart of every person. We try to fill this emptiness with those other stuff and it never works. Only God can fill the void. Pursue God alone to fill up every vacuum in your life and complete every area of your life. You can enjoy the fullness of God through His Word.

Having done all, Praise GOD for Who He Is!

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