Custody Mediation


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Separating and separated parents can work together to raise their children even though they are divorced, separated and no longer living together. Separation or divorce subjects children to risks. It is the responsibility of parents to protect their children.

A child needs both parents to develop properly. When a custodial parent prevents the other parent from seeing their child, that parent is prevented from being involved in the upbringing of the child. Both parents can cooperate to raise their children.

They can work together to resolve child custody issues without the need to go to court. An impartial third person, a mediator can help facilitate communication as they resolve their issues and arrive at mutually acceptable decisions.

Couples contemplating divorce can benefit from mediation to resolve their issues and work out the terms of their divorce outside litigation. Divorcing couples can negotiate their own terms of settlement and reach an agreement on issues including finances, child custody and other family matters out of court facilitated by a mediator.

The family law system encourages collaborative resolution of family law disputes. Mediation helps them reach an agreement that is in the best interest of both of them and especially, their children. It supports them to parent cooperatively thereby doing the best for their children.

Ex-spouses experiencing difficult co-parenting relationships can collaborate to resolve their issues. When these issues are effectively resolved, behavioural problems and life-long dysfunction in children are minimized. Children are emotionally stabilized when they see their parents working together to find solutions to their dispute.

Separated spouses can continue making joint decisions concerning their children after the break-up. They can work together to resolve post-separation parenting issues and continue to fulfill their parental responsibilities.

Protecting Your Children from the Effects of divorce

Mediation is voluntary, private, quicker and cheaper than litigation. It helps you resolve conflicts without escalating the problem and is protective of children. The process is non-judgmental and can take place with the ex-spouses apart.