Separated Women

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Supporting women struggling to raise children alone after desertion, separation or after leaving abusive marriages. They are assisted to pursue child maintenance payments from the other parents to reduce child poverty, homelessness, social vices and improve the health and well-being of children.

Family Mediation Services

A free service that helps separated parents resolve issues about child maintenance payments without going to court assisted by the mediator, a neutral third person. The process helps estranged  parents work out an agreement on child maintenance arrangements to support their children.

Facilitating Communication

The process helps parents focus on effectively communicating with each other. A professional mediator who acts as a neutral third party facilitates discussion to help you make an arrangement or work out an agreement on child maintenance payments.

Managing Interactions

The mediator manages interactions between the parties.  Mediation can be arranged at a venue convenient to the parties either in the same room or separately. The mediator talking to the disputants privately guiding them towards a settlement.

Creating Agreement

Creating an agreement to begin child maintenance payments. You can get a mediator to help you resolve problems about child maintenance and work out an arrangement for payments. The mediator assists you reach an agreement and helps you record your agreement.

Parental support