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When parenting during adolescence becomes difficult and stressful, when parents are experiencing difficult relationships with their children due to behavioural problems at home and/or in school, they can seek the help of a dispute resolution specialist to help them deal with the issues and restore their relationship.

The professional works with the child using the requisite skills to get to the root of the problem and resolve it positively. This process helps parents and their children improve communication, understanding and develop the skills to handle conflicts more effectively.

They are assisted to understand the child’s underlying needs that may be expressed in a way the parents did not understand. This process can help address school difficulties, behavioural problems, relationship issues with friends and family and other difficulties.

Parents learn to communicate and relate better with their children. It encourages children to express their emotions positively, share their needs and removes tension in child and parent relationships. The child becomes more comfortable in your presence, learns to open up to you and you rebuild a positive and strong relationship with your child.

Mediation and coaching for young people help promote the mental health or emotional well-being of a child or young person. It can provide vulnerable children care and protect young people who are at risk of involvement in the statutory child protection system.


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