Marital Conflict

Image result for marital mediation imagesCouples experiencing marital problems can seek help to resolve their issues, avoid divorce and stay married. This can be achieved through effective communication facilitated by a dispute resolution professional, a mediator. The professional applying appropriate conflict resolution techniques helps the couple communicate, resolve their issues and find enduring solutions to their differences.

Conflict is inevitable but can be resolved early and in a positive manner. Persistent argument and quarrels if left unresolved can escalate harming relationships. Conflict mediation process can help you and your spouse when you realize there are issues you cannot handle on your own. You can be assisted to resolve difficult issues you cannot settle on your own before they escalate resulting in greater and avoidable issues.

Marital problems shouldn’t always result in a divorce. Couples concerned about the state of their marriage or fear that their relationship is deteriorating can restore it to where they want it to be with the help of conflict resolution in marriage.

The way couples respond to conflict is crucial. They can learn to resolve their differences positively and respectively. Those unable to settle their disagreements due to poor communication and strong emotions can be assisted to communicate and settle their discord.

The Conflict Management Toolbox for Families

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The mediator can work with an individual or one of the parties if the other spouse is unwilling or unable to come to mediation. Mediation is voluntary, private and confidential.

Mediation is not applicable in cases involving violence, threats of violence or abuse.












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