Marital Conflict

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Marriage can be difficult. Every marriage faces challenges but each situation is unique. Sadly, most couples divorce without knowing that their problems in marriage can be resolved and the conflict if properly handled can strengthen their relationship.

There are many common problems in marriage and a lot of them can be prevented or resolved. These include infidelity, intimacy, boredom, jealousy, money issues, waning appreciation, poor communication, controlling behaviour, physical or mental abuse, contempt, life stages, values and beliefs.

Some couples hang in there, tackle the problems and learn how to work at it together or get professional help if they cannot handle it on their own. Relationship supports through couples mediation can help resolve your issues, prevent future occurrences and make your marriage stronger and healthy.

Mediation helps couples who are experiencing marital difficulties to work through their issues with the help of a trained professional. The process helps you identify and deal with the issues, improve communication, build conflict resolution skills to make your marriage better.

Keeping your Marriage Strong and Healthy

Resolving Conflicts in Marriage

Conflict Management in Marriage and family

Antidote for Divorce

The mediator can work with an individual or one of the parties if the other spouse is unwilling or unable to come to mediation through conflict coaching. Mediation is voluntary, private and confidential.


Conflict Coaching

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One-on-one confidential process that supports couples in difficult relationships who want to work on their marriage and avoid divorce. The conflict coach works with individuals through the conflict situation and helps them learn necessary tools for a more positive, successful and happier marital life.

Couples understand themselves better and learn to better manage problems. Individuals in dissatisfying relationships avoid loneliness, build connection and passion.