Marital Conflict

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Resolving Conflict in Marriage

Conflict is inevitable in marriage. Conflict in marriage is normal but how it is managed is crucial. When not properly dealt with can be damaging to marriages but if well handled strengthens relationships.

It is prudent to seek independent help if there are issues you cannot resolve by your own efforts. There are conflict resolution strategies for individuals and couples to resolve conflicts in their marriages.

Conflict coaching

Conflict coaching is a one-on-one on process that helps individuals experiencing problems in their marriages develop the skill at handling conflict. It supports them in working through a conflict and building skills to constructively resolve the conflict.

It can help improve communication and develop strategies to defuse potential conflicts. The process is voluntary and confidential.


When couples experiencing problems in their marriage find it difficult to resolve the conflict by their own attempts they can seek the help of a neutral person to help them work together to find solutions to the problems. The mediator guiding them through the tough communication needed to resolve the conflict.

The process helps the couples in conflict resolve their differences assisted by the mediator. The mediator works with the couples to identify and deal with the underlying problems, improve communication and handle future conflicts.

Mediation is voluntary and private.

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