Safety Measures

Domestic violence intensifies over time posing a danger in severe cases. The survivor should not expect the abuser’s actions will change it will rather escalate. Seek police help. Social or institutional supports, legal protection through a protection order of the court to protect yourself from further abuse or threats of abuse. Seek for Help.

Violence escalates when a survivor terminates, seeks help, tries to leave or separates from the relationship. This can place a survivor at a greater risk for further abuse and violence. It intensifies because the abuser feels a loss of control over the victim. Abusers frequently continue to stalk, harass, threaten and try to control the victim after the victim escapes.

When exiting the relationship develop a safety plan. Determine how to safely escape the abuser. It is even more dangerous where the abuser (or using other persons) forcefully ejects the victim from the marital home in order to shift them to a neutral ground. Seek help to stay safe. Seek for Help.