Divorce Racketeering : Untoward Consequences

Divorce racketeering is rampant. It is endemic. This is divorce obtained fraudulently. It is the act of not following due process of the law for dissolving marriages.

Many married women who have been granted a decree ending their marriages may find that the document was forged many have decree absolute that are fake.

Many women with children are being forced out of their matrimonial homes. They are thrown out of their homes to the streets with nowhere to go many left at the mercy of family and friends as a result of this scourge.

Fake Papers

A man threw all the belongings of his wife to the street locked up her room in her absence. On her return home she met her personal effects outside. When confronted, the husband claimed their marriage had been dissolved by a customary court.

Another woman persistently asked to leave was handed divorce documents purportedly granted by a court outside the country. Divorce without her knowledge or participation in the divorce proceedings.

In another case, a man fraudulently filed a petition for the divorce of a statutory marriage in a customary court with the help of his lawyer. This was followed by divorce summons from a US court while the matter was pending before a Nigerian court.

A certificate of divorce absolute and enforcement order signed by a high court judge followed suit. The husband finally hired thugs to throw her out of the house. These cases go on and on. Get Help

Such women are left stranded with their children. Some with nothing on them, not even money to take them to a place for help or shelter.

Traumatized, battered psychologically possibly compounded by domestic abuse subjected to in a bid to force them out of the house. These women resign themselves to fate.

These nefarious activities continue because of the imbalance in power or resources which make these men bypass due process leaving the women crushed and devastated.

A man desperate to be free circumvents the rules and procedures that regulate the dissolution of marriages resorts to a dehumanizing route to quickly rid himself of the woman.

A Hydra Head Social Problem

The woman in a state of confusion and despair has her children to take care of. The children confused, destabilized and afraid seek a way out of this dilemma some escape to the streets and danger.

A mother and her children suddenly find themselves thrown into a life of penury. The vulnerable children may gradually come into critical vulnerability and pose risks to neighborhoods and the society.

Children need not be mentally damaged, psychologically destroyed or end up with a life of crime because a marriage is ending. Safety of neighborhoods should not be compromised as a result of bruised and unprotected children.

Another consequence of this fraudulent practice is that children are deprived of their inheritance when such fathers died intestate. Many go through life impoverished despite their late father’s estate because of this evil. Get Help