Parent-Adult Child: Resolving Conflict, Restoring Harmony

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Good Parent-Adult Child relationship is important for the emotional well-being of families. Conflict between a parent and their grown up child can cause tension in the family and affect everyone else adversely.

It is agonizing for both parent and child in conflict. When a parent is estranged from their child or when a child withdraws and stays away from their parent because of a misunderstanding. Conflict is inevitable but can be managed in a healthy way.

Effective Communication

Parents should learn to talk to their children, pay attention to, listen to your child. Explain your side of the conflict calmly and clearly, compromising with your child.

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Resolving conflict with your parent

Effective communication is important for resolving conflicts. Raise the issues with your parent. Using empathy is helpful. Show love and respect for your parent. Effective communication requires respect, active listening and empathy.


Forgive your parent. Find it in your heart to forgive. Reconcile with your parent. Forgiving them will bring peace, healing and receiving their blessings.

Make the move. Reach out to them. Give them a call, send messages, send them gifts. If married, Do not bring in your spouse and children to avoid the conflict escalating. Deal with it in a positive way. Forgive and let it go.


You may be having difficulties forgiving them because of your experiences. They were difficult, impossible, mean, abusive, toxic or problematic. You suffered rejection, neglected, abused or abandoned. Since you do not know the circumstances responsible for their actions, let compassion move you and forgive your parent.

Ask for Help

Ask for help in prayer. Ask for a forgiving heart. Forgiveness prayers are powerful, healing words. Make your decision to forgive. Get close to your parent. You have everything to gain including God’s blessings when you do this. If toxic deal with it constructively. You can go to God in prayer.