Marital Conflict Management Skills for Women

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Conflict is normal but how it is handled is crucial. Couples can learn to resolve conflicts in a healthy way. They can learn to resolve conflicts positively and transform their relationships. Using the skills to peacefully manage differences and strengthen your marriage

Learn to resolve conflict together. Unresolved conflict can damage relationships but when properly managed draws couples closer and helps them avoid bigger issues such as resentment, domestic violence and break up.

The importance of effective communication, empathy and active listening in marriage cannot be overstated. Good communication is key to defusing anger and deescalating arguments.

Conversely, poor communication fuels misunderstandings and discord. It is prudent to avoid assumptions, pay attention to your tone of voice, listen deeply and speak calmly using positive non verbal communication.


Image result for images of happy couples

Resolving conflict in a healthy way. Practice deep Listening enabling better understanding. Maintain eye contact. Present your perspective with consideration and clarity. Talking to your husband frankly when you need to.

Be more empathetic. Putting yourself in his shoes. This way you share his feelings and what he is going through without blaming, criticizing or judging him. You get to understand his needs from his perspective, these show you care and keep your marriage strong.


Let’s Talk More:

Show your husband respect. Stop what you are doing and look at him when he talks. Don’t interrupt him when he is talking. Honour and respect him.

Appreciate your husband. Show gratitude to him. Express your appreciation to him for everything he does. Thank him for his help. Thank him for being a wonderful father. Thank him for the way he provides for the family.

Don’t take your husband for granted. Give him compliments. Appreciate your husband. Love your husband.

Be a good listener to your husband. Listen lovingly. Ask the right questions. When communicating with him use loving gestures and body language, touch him or hold hands. Never allow distractions.

Love your mother in law. Love your in-laws. Take care of his parents now mom and dad.

If you are experiencing overbearing in-law interferences. Have a discussion with your husband. He will know how to handle it.

Take time to talk about your strengths and weaknesses. Ask your spouse how you can improve as a spouse. What you can do to improve your marriage.

Pray for him. Pray with him. Pray for him when he’s going through some tough and stressful situations. Focus on his strengths.

Share fantasies. Talk about your fantasies with your husband.

Be each other’s best friends. Look out for each other’s well-being.

Remain a united front and work together at your marriage. Discuss issues in your marriage and find solutions together.

Express your feelings to your husband. Tell him something you admire about him. Ask him about his day. Show love to him.

Put God first in all that you do. Obey His instructions for marriage. Take God with you at all times.

Be prayerful. A praying wife is the best gift a man could ask for. Praying for him yields great rewards.

Don’t allow gender or chore wars that is the issue of the man helping out with housework ruin your marriage. Have a calm and respectful discussion with your husband.

Avoid the bandwagon effect. Rather try to understand your husband. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t mind-read. These are dangerous in marriage. Find out your love languages. Most people’s love languages aren’t the same. Have an open conversation, work at this and you can both feel loved.

You can arrive at what works for your own family and unique situation. If this is becoming a problem and you both can’t handle it seek help before it escalates and leads to a crisis. Seek help.

Submission is powerful. It is one of the Biblical rules of marriage. A man finds it easy to show love and affection to a submissive woman, Submission in marriage is humility. It is positive. A man would do anything for a submissive woman.

Work at your marriage recognizing domestic violence doesn’t happen suddenly. It is a build up of events, unresolved issues leading to resentment which eventually get out of control. Learn to discuss problems in your marriage. Resolve issues early.

Don’t overlook or continue to endure bad behaviour that portends potential danger such as if he is egocentric, narcissistic or abusive. If you are going through emotional, psychological, physical or verbal abuse. Seek help.

Seek refuge if necessary to protect yourself and children. This is important while intervention is ongoing. Seek help.