Conflict Resolution Education Goals And Objectives

Why Conflict Resolution is Important in Schools

Teaching conflict resolution in schools to help students identify factors that escalate and de-escalate conflicts, assist students in effectively managing disputes with classmates, family and friends. They become familiar with conflict management strategies to help them address their disputes earlier and more successfully for their personal development.

They develop conflict competency to address their disputes peacefully, reduce antisocial behaviour and violence. They learn skills needed to effectively manage conflicts, respond to conflict in non violent ways. It instils self awareness skills for conscious knowledge of their own traits, character, behaviour and feelings.

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Critical skills to help students manage emotions, foster behaviour change and prepare youth for a less violent future. They learn to manage interpersonal conflicts, enhance safe and peaceful learning environments motivate socially responsible people and prepare youths for the future.

Skill sets for reducing incidents of fighting, bullying, harassment and other forms of violence among young people. Students learn to manage and resolve conflicts, competing needs and interests without resorting to violence.

They get equipped with conflict management techniques and skills to talk through their disputes, focusing on the problem not on the personalities involved and come up with resolutions together. Empowering students to positively shape their future and the society.

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Creating conducive learning environments for students, teachers and administrators through fun conflict activities including peer mediation, role-play, games, books and creative writing to empower children and adolescents.