Protecting your Children from the effects of Divorce

Despite the ending of your marriage you remain a parent. It is your responsibility and that of your ex-partner to ensure continued parenting and care for your children to safeguard their welfare. Divorce subjects children to great risks and you would need to resolve to cooperate with your ex-spouse for the sake of your children. This way you prevent emotional damage divorce inflicts on children and ensure their well-being.


Tips for Parents

It is prudent to act with dignity towards your ex particularly if you are the custodial parent. This way you are doing what is best for the social, emotional and psychological well-being of your child.

Learn to be polite in your interactions with the other parent. Maintain a healthy relationship with the other parent focusing on the best interest of your child.

Cooperate to meet the physical and emotional needs of your child. Make the well-being of your child priority.

Have patience with your child. Be more patient. Give your child unconditional love.

Reassure your child that both parents will continue to love and take care of them and that they are not responsible for the divorce or separation.

Avoid saying anything negative about the other parent to the child. Avoid blaming, being critical, be respectful of the other person.

When you recount what happened in your marriage be sincere and positive. Help your child develop good decision-making skills.

If you have issues regarding parenting after separation, you can seek professional help. You can make use of mediation to resolve your disputes and disagreements and reach agreement. This will enable you parent cooperatively and protect the well-being of your child.

Be forgiving. Forgiveness is key. Don’t keep bringing back hurts. Learn to forgive the other person. This way you learn to be more objective, learn from past mistakes, open yourself to being a better person and free yourself to move on.

Raise your child to love God. Raise your child God’s way. Help them develop a personal relationship with God. This is important for their emotional and mental health as well as yours.