5 Strategies to keep your Marriage strong

You can make your marriage strong but you have to acknowledge that disagreements are normal. They will occur when your interests, perspectives or opinions differ. Remember, you are unique individuals you are different and will see things differently. You can make your marriage strong applying the following positive approaches:

Good Communication

Good communication is key to a strong marriage. This is based on openness, respect and listening well. Learning to use positive words and gestures can help make a marriage healthy and happy.

Be a good listener. Avoiding assumptions. Don’t assume anything. Don’t always think the worst. Hear what the other person has to say before you jump to conclusions. Don’t interpret his/her actions without hearing him/her out. Resolving differences peacefully.

Settle misunderstandings by listening carefully and not thinking of retaliating. Air your feelings. Ask questions to clarify issues and understand what your spouse is saying or thinking. These should be questions that will not lead to defensive response or argument.

Focus On Each Other’s Strengths

Know your partner. Acknowledge each other’s unique differences and individuality. Get to know the unique person or individual you are married to. This will help you gain insight into each other’s needs and expectations and how to best meet them. Not taking everything personal. Respect each other’s opinion and not placing emphasis being right or wrong.

Good understanding births tolerance and acceptance. You do not view problems as ‘his’ or ‘her’ problem but as ‘our’ problem and unite to deal with it. Recognize the good in your spouse and be supportive of each other’s personal growth. 

Be Kind To Each Other

Drop the ego. Never take each other for granted. Give more. Be dependable, trustworthy, faithful and reliable. Always work on yourself, have good character. Create time for quality time together. Putting away the phone.

Get to know how you can improve as an individual and as a couple. Make time for each other. This will help you identify problem areas early and mend fences. You will avoid mind reading, making assumptions or jumping into wrong conclusions.

Love Your Spouse

Restore your feelings for each other. Do things together. Laugh with each other. Revisit the period of courtship when you responded to his love and leadership expressed through his thoughtful initiatives, plans, gifts, taking you out even to places you were not too keen about. You shared his interests looked your best to please him and put up your best behaviour. There was love, respect and teamwork. You can bring these back.

Put God first

Acknowledge God in your marriage to enjoy happiness. Take every problem to Him in prayer. Pray for your spouse. Pray for your family. Pray together.