8 Qualities that make an Employee Outstanding

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To be an employee that is valued, you need to imbibe attributes that will help you achieve success in your career and personal life.

Stay Positive
Enjoy your work

Demonstrate a positive attitude

Develop good communication

Expect and adapt to change and market conditions

Commit to excellent client/customer service and relationship
Imbibe a pleasing appearance neat and clean

Provide Excellent Service
Be hard working but please your employer. Match your employer’s needs meet the employer’s needs in a way that is compatible with the company’s style

Set priorities. Be sure what you are doing is your boss’s top priority
Commit to excellence

Be Innovative
Be aware of the most recent developments in the industry.

Build experience have a deep knowledge of the company and industry

Acquire new knowledge, information, techniques and find ways to align these with your work

Invest in lifelong learning continue to learn and upgrade your skills and be skilled in several applications

Develop intrinsic motivation for self improvement

Network professionally

Be Honest

Be punctual

Don’t sneak out of work learn to ask for permission

Take responsibility

Be committed

Be dependable

Be an employee known for honesty in all situations and with all people tell the truth at all times and be trusted around valuable items without fear of theft don’t allow anything tarnish or damage your reputation

Be a person of character. A person of character doesn’t gossip, speak ill of the boss or criticize anyone
Be loyal

Be Passionate
Find out your employers needs and the challenges the company faces transfer your skills and the aspects of your background and experience that align with their needs

Learn difficult jobs and tasks no one else wants to do

Exceed expectations.

Figure things out yourself after it has been pointed out to you

Be innovative

Do projects on time without reminders pressure or prodding and with utmost good quality excellence and enthusiasm

Be among those who do the most work volunteer for assignments and when offered do them quickly and diligently
Come prepared to every meeting. Speak early ask questions

Be supportive of others

Give credit to others

Don’t be judgmental or feel threatened how others handle certain tasks rather appreciate their differences

Acknowledge the advantage of diversity others will bring in their unique talents and skills for effectiveness

Learn that what comes to you may not mean the right or only way to do it others may obtain good results by following different methods

Don’t read behaviours motives of others this may lead to wrong perceptions and misunderstanding we are all different

Recognize that troublemakers may be defined as those who approach something differently or who challenge another person to re-evaluate or learn a new way that something can be accomplished

Be Courteous
Be principled. Know when to establish boundaries but be helpful.
Treat people with respect

Be courteous and polite.

Put God First

Put God first in all that you do. Be guided in your daily endeavours by His standards and let your actions and decisions conform to His principles. When there are challenges talk to God through prayer as you work to resolve them. This will foster your emotional well-being and enhance your health, morale and productivity.