8 Ways to Get Through Difficult Times and Come Out Stronger

Tough times don’t last, you shouldn’t allow the challenging life issue you are facing, marriage crisis, economic hardship, emptiness, unfair treatment, mental health issues define you or keep you in a state of despair. It is surmountable. Be determined, furnished with the following to wade through this trying period, time of great pressure, and come out stronger.

Manage your emotions

Stay calm. Keep your cool. Try to cool off first if you feel too angry to talk calmly. Don’t react right away but ask for divine guidance. Try putting emotions apart and replace negative thoughts with kind and positive ones. Label your emotions and choose to express them in positive ways. Manage your emotions in healthy ways. Be kind to others.

Stay positive

Think positive and have an optimistic outlook. Think positive thoughts. Focus on the good things. Focus on the positive. Speak positively to yourself. Do not allow the situation keep you in a state of despair, confusion, anger or anxiety. Process the experience positively. This will help you put things in perspective and work towards finding a constructive solution and healing. Surround yourself with good people. Avoid stressful social relationships. Create a positive environment to live in.

Talk about it

Talk things out. Cooperate to resolve it. Fight the problem not the person. Separate the person from the problem. Listen carefully to the other person. Stop speaking in anger. Try your best to listen carefully, respect the other person’s point of view by paying attention and listening. Keep in mind the idea is to resolve the conflict, not win the argument. Actively listen to what you are saying and what they mean. Imbibe openness and effectiveness of communication.

Make a change

There may be the need to make some positive life changes. Consider the cause of the problem and tell yourself it will not happen again. It may be a lesson for you to think, act and behave differently. Connect with others. Contribute to society, help others, volunteering, be compassionate, be polite, practice kindness. Spend time in nature, enjoy the outdoors, honour your body, focus on your hobbies, get enough sleep, exercise, relax, keep yourself active, get busy. Be positive and optimistic. Value yourself, treat yourself with respect and avoid self criticism. Speak with someone you trust.

Seek help when needed

Take the necessary action to remedy the situation. Seek help. Seek for help if needed. Get the right support to get through the situation. Seek professional advice if you need to. Shun, resist ungodly counsel, do not compromise your values, standards and convictions. Stay calm and positive while you search for a solution.

Show gratitude daily

Show gratitude daily to God. Count your blessings. Know what you should be grateful for. Notice the good things in your life not only the big things but also the small ones. Don’t take things for granted. Acknowledge everything you receive. Serve others to express your gratitude to God. Give thanksgiving prayers.

Connect with God

Connect with God, a superior existence. Give your anxiety to God. God has a purpose behind every situation. He uses hard times to shape our lives and make us better. He allows trial and testing to fulfill His plan in our lives. Trust God. Trust Him even in this tough time. Connect with Him in prayer. If a problem seems insurmountable, turn to God. Pray about it. Nothing is impossible with God. Talk to Him in prayer. Talk to God about everything.

Move on

Draw closer to God. Involve yourself only in behaviours associated with overall wellness. Have a clear sense of right and wrong and act accordingly. Choose to be happy. Keep yourself active. Set realistic goals and work towards achieving them. Stay close to God and everything shall change.


Having done all, Praise GOD for Who He Is.

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