8 Strategies to Get Through Difficult Times and Stay Strong

When going through tough times there are some things you can do to get through. Those things you can do not only to overcome difficult times but stay strong.

Stay positive

Think positive and be optimistic. Choose to express your emotions in positive ways. Focus on the positive. Speak positively to yourself. Do not allow the situation keep you in a state of despair, confusion, anger or anxiety. Process the experience positively. Learn to count your blessings. Think positive thoughts.

Connect with other people

Fight the urge to isolate yourself. Know that we all go through low times. We all go through challenges. Connect with other people. Try to avoid negative people. Be friendly and compassionate. Find new people and places.

Learn from the difficult times 

There may be the need to make some changes. Some positive life changes. Consider the cause of the problem and tell yourself it will not happen again. It may be a lesson for you to think, act and behave differently.

Get support

Seek help. Talk about it. Speak with someone you trust. There is nothing too hard to discuss. Get the right support to get through the situation. Seek professional advice if you need to.

Talk to God in prayer

Talk to God about your problems. Surrender your worries to God and you will find strength. God understands the words you can’t speak and the extent of your pain. Give your anxiety to Him. Take care of your emotional health by talking to Him in prayer. Talk to God about everything.

Help others

Help others. Pay attention to people around you and what you can do to make their lives easier. Help people without expecting anything in return. Make a difference. Volunteer your time. Practice kindness.

Free yourself 

Walk in forgiveness. Release everyone. Bounce back. Free yourself and be happy. Make yourself happy. Listen to music. Listen to inspirational songs to lift up your spirit. Don’t use alcohol, drugs or cigarettes as a way to cope, they only lead to more problems. Enjoy nature. Take time out to exercise, eat well, relax.

Get creative

Silence your inner critic. Believe in yourself. Walk tall. Be all that God has created you to be. No matter what stay focused on yourself and be in control. You are the world’s best brand. God created you to be unique and for a purpose. You are specially created and incomparable. Follow through on your plans. Pursue your dreams.


Having done all, Praise GOD for Who He Is.

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