10 Ways to Get Through Hard Times and Come Out Stronger

UPDATED. Difficult times are trying times. Times of great pressure. When you face  challenging life issues such as  marriage crisis, family problems, financial crisis, coping with grief, workplace issues, unfair treatment, emptiness and mental health issues. Here are things to help you get through hard times and come out stronger.

Don’t give in to Fear

Refuse to be overwhelmed. Do not give in to worry or fear. Acknowledge your feelings. Rationalize your thoughts. This will also pass. Let God enter into the situation. Pray, experience its transforming power and the inner peace that follows.

Guard your Heart

Guard your heart and thoughts.  Have control over your heart and thoughts. Shun the victim mentality  Do not ask why you? Or asking if God is there.  We all pass through challenging times sometimes. It is temporary and transient. Have control over your thoughts, ideas and words.

Stay positive

Stay positive. Speak positively to yourself. Do not allow the situation keep you in a state of despair, confusion, anger or anxiety. Process the experience positively. This will help you put things in perspective and work towards finding a constructive solution and healing.

Avoid relationship tensions

Do not blame the situation on another person or pick on others. Do not permit it result in quarrels, strained or damaged relationships, abuse or violence. Increase self-control. Resist destructive impulse. Refrain from saying or doing things you will regret. Have control over your thoughts and actions.

Learn from it

Consider the cause of the problem and tell yourself it will not happen again. There may be the need to make some positive life changes. It may be a lesson for you to think, act and behave differently.

Ask for help

Take the necessary action to remedy the situation. Seek help if needed. Get the right support to get through the situation. Seek professional advice if you need to. Shun, resist ungodly counsel, do not compromise your values, standards or convictions stay calm and positive while you search for a solution.

Help Others 

Help others. Reach out to others. You can help people by volunteering your time, offer kindness or donate to a cause. Pay attention to people in your community and what you can do to make their lives easier. Helping others gives you a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Be Grateful

God is sovereign. He has a reason for our experiences. Despite it all be grateful. Give thanks no matter how difficult your circumstances because God is at work. He has a reason for every situation we pass through.

See the big picture

God has a purpose behind every situation. He uses hard times to shape our lives and make us better. He allows trial and testing to fulfill His plan in our lives. Trust God. Trust Him even in this tough time.

Move on

Let go of everything, emptiness, worries, hurt, fear and pain. Trust God. Put your trust in Him. Give Him permission to manage your life. Let Him fill the vacuum in your life He is sovereign in all things. You can trust Him to work it all out according to His will. Stay connected to God as you move on.




Having done all, Praise GOD for Who He Is! Forever Loving, Dependable, Faithful, Awesome God! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus!

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