Parent Adult Children Conflict: Making Peace with Your Parents

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It is agonizing when a parent is estranged from their child due to conflict. When a child withdraws and stays away from their parent because of a misunderstanding. You can work to resolve the differences and restore communication.

The child can reunite with their parent and continue to enhance their psychological and physical health and the child continues to benefit from the love and experience of their parent.

The parent -child relationship is important to the emotional well-being of family members. Talk to your child, pay attention to listen to your child. Explain your side of the conflict calmly and clearly, compromise with your child.

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Single Parenting: Child and Adolescent Protection

Supporting and empowering single parent families. A single parent with a dependent child or dependent children becoming single as a result of divorce, break-up or abandonment.


Child Custody Help

Free legal services for single mothers affected by separation or divorce to resolve children and family issues including child support, custody and visitation. Decisions about child custody, visitation and support arise in proceedings involving divorce and separation.


Custody Mediation

Divorcing or separated families can resolve disputes about children without going to court assisted by a neutral third person, the mediator.

The mediator helps parents involved in child support, custody and visitation disputes reach agreement to parent jointly and promote the well-being of their children who are experiencing significant change brought about by the separation of their parents.

Parents are assisted by the mediator to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement that enables them share parenting duties. Both parents will be involved in the lives of their children doing what is best for themselves and their children.

The parties determine the outcome. The mediator cannot impose a decision on them. Mediation is confidential, private and quick. You work together to create your own child custody agreement with the help of the mediator when it is hard to reach agreement on your own. Doing what is in the best interest of your children and future.


Single Mothers Empowerment

Empowering single mothers to move them and their children out of poverty into economic stability. Entrepreneurial empowerment for single parent families.

Young people can take charge of their lives by improving their access to resources, attitude and positive sense of self.

Business ideas

Graphic designing, blogging, agriculture, fitness center for women, car wash, house services, market runs and home cooking for busy women, sale of furniture, fitness and beauty consultant.

Phone repair, gym or fitness instructor, employment agency, education and tutorial centers, computer training, cleaning services, image consultant, branding consultant and  teaching your skill to others.

Skill Learning


Financial Help

Micro credit

MSME Loan Programme, Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF). Women’s Entrepreneurs Fund

Bank of Industry (BOI)

Banks supporting small businesses

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB) : CBN Covid-19 Intervention Fund for SMEs

Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the State (for guidance).

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The Power of Women

Harnessing her unique strengths at home, at work and in her community.


Every Woman a Mother

Every woman is a Mother. All women are called to Mother. Mothers.The high calling. Every woman has a heart of a Mother. All women are mothers.


Empowering Others

Humble powerhouse. Called to a unique role. Empowering others. Helping others. Powerful role model. Confidence in herself and diligent. Shaping the world for the better.


Guardians of Peace

The true measure of a woman as a keeper of the peace. A good woman. Endowed with innate abilities to promote peace. Doing what is right. Bringing harmony, calm, peaceful. Fated role in making and building peace.


Raising Good Children

Nurturers. Preserve the human race. Bring up her children with extreme care. Raise good children, both male and female. Raising boys well. Raising girls well. Raising her children to become good people. Being a role model to them, teaching  and modeling good and appropriate behaviour bringing glory to God.


Standing in the Gap

The praying woman. Prayerful. Prays for others. Standing in the gap for her husband, children and the world. A powerful praying woman. Strong woman of God. The power of women to change the world. ‘Global shapers’, Change makers.



The world needs the qualities women have to heal the world, make the world a better place. The world needs women not for what they do, but who they are.


The Importance of Preventive Law to the Growth of Mediation

We are in the information era marked by influx of ideas, data flexibility and improved efficiency. This information age has to a large extent contributed to global decline in career and employability.

Even though this has affected the fortunes of many professions, it is believed that Medicine and Public Healthcare and information technology continue to thrive. Medical healthcare exhibits peculiarities which include essential services, ethic of care, information technology and prevention.

Definition of Preventive Law by US Legal

Preventive law seeks to anticipate and prevent legal problems and litigation in a broad scope of areas such as… Lawyers who practice preventive law may offer services in mediation and alternative dispute resolution, government affairs, legal research …

Preventive law attorneys may evaluate legal implications of business contracts and attend meetings with representatives from business, government or private individuals as an advocate or mediator.

The lawyer will often conduct a legal audit, produce a legal status report, which provides the status of the legal affairs of the business or person, presents legal risks, and make recommendation for action.

The report may include identification and analysis of regulations and laws, intellectual property rights, environmental banking and financial services employment practices, tax securities laws…… the company will be protected in such a way to minimize the risk of litigation and to ensure that if litigation occurs, the business will have acted properly…

Preventive Law and Healthcare

Preventive Law shares some similarities with medical science. It seeks to encourage how legal services can be delivered to prevent legal problems and protect legal health. It seeks to promote and protect the legal health of private and business entities.

This field of law consists of legal and practical principles that anticipate and avoid legal problems. The goal of preventive law is to provide for the legal health of individuals and businesses. This practice applies to medical science as most successes in medical treatment are preventative.

Preventive Law and ADR/Mediation

Preventive law seeks to anticipate and prevent legal problems and litigation. Considering this definition, preventive law also shares some commonalities with the concept of alternative dispute resolution which is the use of methods such as mediation or arbitration to resolve a dispute without resort to litigation.

Conflict prevention and preventive law techniques could therefore include routine procedures for individuals such as legal check up to help them keep legally healthy. For businesses and organizations, periodic legal status reports to know their legal condition much like financial reports for the financial condition of a business.


Every sector seems very much in need of proactive and early conflict prevention to promote their legal health care through the application of ADR/mediation skills.

There is the need to develop and promote the field of preventive mediation with ethic of care harnessing information technologies. The definition by US Legal is instructive and seems to depict wide latitude and great opportunities for Mediation.