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Family Conflict Resolution Center. Family members access constructive methods for resolving conflicts. Dispute settlement for families in conflict, vulnerable women and children from separation and divorce.

Families dealing with separation access Family Dispute Resolution also known as Family Mediation. A way of resolving family disputes and come to agreements about matters involving children rather than going to court. Protecting children from the effects of divorce and separation. Parents gain access to resources and information to help them support their children.


Family Mediation 

Family mediation is a process in which a trained neutral third party called a mediator helps couples who have decided to separate or divorce or who have already separated to resolve disputes about children and settle other issues instead of using the family law court. In most cases the court will expect you to consider mediation before going to court. You come to agreement about the children, property and finances. It is quicker and cheaper than going to court.

Mediation with Separated Parents

Separated couples and parents resolve conflicts following separation. A neutral person known as the mediator helps you and your ex work out an agreement about arrangements for the children, child maintenance payments and finances without going to court. It is a way of settling differences between you and your ex-partner. Mediation is quicker and less stressful.

Women Parenting Alone Following Separation

A free service to help separated parents using this process make decisions that suit their own circumstances. They make their own child maintenance payment arrangements regarding the care and needs of the children. This enables women struggling to raise children alone after separation collect financial support from the other parent.

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We help people find community resources to foster public support, practical assistance and services for children, adolescents and families.

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