Family members access constructive methods for resolving disputes. Separated or divorced parent resolve parenting disputes and agree on arrangements for their children without going to court. This way they ensure positive life outcomes for their children.


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Addressing the causes and effects of marital conflicts and Strategies for effective communication within marriages.

Children and

Resources on explaining divorce to children and Strategies for ensuring the well-being of children during and post-divorce.


Information on recognizing the signs of domestic violence. Safe avenues for reporting and seeking help.

Women and

Resources focused on empowering women during and after separation. Financial, legal, and emotional support tools and advice.

Family Mediation 

Family mediation is a process in which a trained neutral third party called a mediator helps couples who have decided to separate or divorce or who have already separated to resolve disputes about children and settle other issues instead of using the family law court. In most cases the court will expect you to consider mediation before going to court. You come to agreement about the children, property and finances. It is quicker and cheaper than going to court.

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