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Conflict resolution in the family. Family members access constructive methods for resolving conflicts. People in conflict access conflict management techniques and skills to resolve their issues using an integrated conflict management approach that fosters comprehensive support through mediation and dispute resolution, conflict coaching, education and community services. Supporting individuals and families transform their family relationships, improve family effectiveness, promote child, adolescent and youth welfare.


Family Dispute Resolution

Family mediation service. Mediation services for divorcing or separating parents who have a dispute about their children to resolve their issues without going to court assisted by a neutral third party. The mediator assists them negotiate about future arrangements for their children and come to a mutual agreement.

This process is useful for separated parents to resolve parenting disputes instead of using the family law courts. The mediator assists them resolve the issues between them regarding their children and safeguard their safety and health.


Conflict Resolution Education

Youth conflict resolution training. Conflict resolution strategies and skills for young people in secondary schools to resolve differences peacefully, reduce antisocial behaviour and violence. Skills to deescalate situations in which violence may occur and prevent violent approaches to solving problems.

Importance Of Conflict Resolution Programmes In Schools

Conflict Resolution Education Goals And Objectives

Constructive Approaches For Effective Classroom Conflict Management

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