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Family Conflict Resolution Center. Family members access constructive methods and resources for resolving conflict. Disputing parents resolve disputes arising from separation or divorce, agree on arrangements and financial support for their children without going to court.

They access family mediation, a way of resolving family disputes and come to agreements about matters involving the children rather than going to court. This way they ensure positive life outcomes for their children.



Women’s Legal Services



Conflict Resolution Education 

Conflict resolution knowledge, attitudes and skills for students. Teaching the skills of empathy, positive attitudes, nonviolent communication to youth in schools, after-school programmes, community centers and juvenile institutions for violence prevention, positive response to conflict and cooperative coexistence.

Conflict Resolution Skills for Youth in Schools

Bullying Prevention and Interventions

Juvenile Delinquency Prevention: Two Major Ways

Positive Behaviour Support to Youth in Detention Centers



Community Resources Referral

Community resources, public support and practical assistance for children, youth and families.

Skill Acquisition Centers

Women & Youth Empowerment Programmes

Mediation Referral

Access to Justice. Free Legal Services

Get Help/Report Human Rights Violations

Child Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Violence

Report Sexual and Domestic Violence

Public Advice Centre



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