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9 Key Qualities to Look For in a Future Life Partner

  The choice of who you marry is crucial. Choose wisely. You would need to pay attention to some considerations and traits to help you choose the right person, enjoy peace and happiness in life. Genuine Feelings There is genuine love. The feelings for each other are real and mutual. Marry for the right reasons. Not because of money or desperation. Not telephoning, going to his house or office or doing his chores. Do not force yourself on a relationship or man no matter how much you admire him. He should do the pursuing. This will help you build on a strong foundation. Commitment The person respects you, your body and is willing to wait for sex in marriage. You cannot ascertain his intentions despite his sweet words and actions. You are not a mind-reader. Avoid being used and dumped. Let him take you to the altar first. Self-development You have worked on yourself. You have improved your character. You have developed yourself to become the right partner. She has a means of income, polite and well-mannered. Be a good person to attract the person you deserve. Someone who will help you be the best of yourself. Shares your values You share same standards and beliefs, vision and dreams. You share a vision of where you are going together. The person possesses the qualities and values you hold dear and is willing to learn. This person will support and be proud of your success and achievements. Will support you be the best of yourself. Practice empathy Conversation with this person is interesting not boring. You are free to fully express and be yourself with this person. He shows you affection, respect and you enjoy spending time together. You look to a life of peace and happiness with this person. Emotional maturity You have set standards for yourself. You are accountable for your actions. He is caring, considerate, possesses the spirit of humility and self control. He is hard working.  He is willing to support your dreams. Respect They demonstrate respect. When there is a misunderstanding willing to admit his or her shortcomings, offer sincere explanation and apology when at fault. He is not abusive, selfish or critical, fights or beats you. He is not given to negative tendencies or habits. She does not feel inferior, frustrated or drained emotionally when with him. He is cultured. Trust Love will bring you together but you need trust to help you sustain it. The person is trustworthy, there is trust, honesty, sincerity and reliability in the relationship. The person does not spy on you, monitor your phone calls or computer usage. Relationship with God The person loves and fears God. Has intimate relationship with God. The person is willing to go for premarital counseling.      

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