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Women and Separation

Legal Assistance to Single Mother's

Free confidential legal assistance for single mothers struggling to bring up children alone following non-judicial separation. Women in need of help with family law issues to enable them get financial support from the other parent even though they have stopped living together as a couple to reduce impact of separation and divorce in early childhood, early years when it comes to later life outcomes into adult life.

Many estranged wives parenting alone without the presence of the other parent wish to institute legal action against their husbands to get them fulfil their legal obligations to support the children financially but cannot afford to go to court. Going to court is expensive.

Women’s Legal Services 

Family – based Arrangements 

You can agree between yourselves on child maintenance arrangements and payments or meet with a trained, neutral mediator. Mediation process helps separated spouses assisted by a trained, neutral mediator resolve parenting disagreements and make financial arrangements for the children. This is often the best way for separated parents sort out issues and reach agreements instead of using the Family Law Court.

You work out arrangements for the children and finances following separation. Parents continue to fulfil parental obligations and reduce the impact of divorce and separation on children. Free Family Mediation Services

Child Maintenance Service 

The social welfare department administers child maintenance payments to promote parental responsibility so that children receive financial support from parents even if they live in separate households.

Services are available to a parent with custody of a child who has a parent living outside of the home. Working with both parents together or separately.

They provide the following services to families:

Locating absent or noncustodial parents.

Enforce child support services.

Establish and enforce support orders.

Modify orders when appropriate.

Collect and disburse payments.

Help survivors of family violence access child support services safely.

Social Welfare Department

Court – ordered Arrangement