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How to Help Your Children Cope with Your Divorce

  Divorce subjects children to great risks and you would need to resolve to cooperate with the other parent for the sake of your children. This way you prevent emotional and psychological damage divorce can inflict on children. Parents can protect their children from the effects of separation or divorce by cooperating to raise the children making the well-being of their children a priority. You can continue to raise your children together even though you live in separate households and being involved in their lives. Tips for parents for protecting your children Reassure them that they are loved by both parents. Reassure your child that both parents will continue to love them. Avoid blame and do not share any negative feelings the adults have about each other. Stick with family routines. Help them maintain important relationships. Go to the same school and activities Talk to your child. Encourage your child talk about their feelings. Manage your child support payments responsibly. Encourage time spent with each parent. Stay involved in your child’s life. Try to maintain a collaborative relationship with the other parent. Limiting their time with the child or creating conflict can result in extreme reactions. Try and work out custody and access arrangements with your former spouse to which you are both agreeable or use family mediation to mutually come to decisions. Work hard to co-parent. Work to end conflict in your co-parenting. Resolve conflicts and improve communication in co-parenting situations If you have co-parenting issues you are struggling with seek professional help of a counselor or mediator.   Family Mediation Mediation remains the best way for estranged parents to resolve their differences and reach an agreement for the children. It helps parents work out custody and access issues negotiating a solution with both parents that is in the best interest of the child. Mediation helps families come to agreements on parenting arrangements for their children. A trained professional mediator helps you and your ex spouse negotiate all of your family issues and allows divorcing couples negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement. Mediation can encourage cooperation and help you resolve conflicts. It helps improve the well-being of children in co-parenting situations.   Be forgiving. Free yourself to move on.   Get closer to God. Help your children love God will help their emotional and mental health

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